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The International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) and its affiliate M&A Source had their biannual conference in November 17-20 2001. I have attended most of the seminars and it was a great learning experience for me. Business broker instructors openly shared their knowledge with their peers in order to take the profession to higher standards of professionalism.

I believe both experienced, new and individuals aspiring to become business brokers should attend these conferences. As business brokers, it is our duty to strive to provide the best professional service to our clients. Continuous education is a requirement to be able to provide high stantard of services. Belonging to this organization also our marketing purposes. Our customers know belonging to such organization is a sign of success and commitment to customer service.

Canadian Brokers have launched the Canadian chapter of IBBA. IBBA Canada will provide similar services than IBBA but specifically targeted at the Canadian brokers. Brokers will be able to attend some educational courses/seminars in Canada.

There are aproximately 150 canadian members of IBBA.